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Editing Beween A and B Roll

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I have two video files of single event - an A roll and a B roll.  I would like to synchronize them and then toggle back and forth between for the product.  I put one on Video Track 1 (with full audio) and the other on Video Track 2 (with muted audio).  I can slide one of them on the timeline to synchronize them.  I'm not sure what to do next.  Please advise.

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You haven't selected the track to split first.:)

  • Select the clip you wish to split.(Left click on the clip
  • Slide the red cursor line to the split point
  • As you release  the cursor line you should see the START/STOP/SPLIT (scissors) tab...
  • Left click the scissor icon.  The selected clip will then be split (along with any attached audio.)


  • Place the red cursor line at the split position
  • Left click the down arrow to the right of the Scissor icon under the Sequence Preview window to open the split menu..
  • aa.jpg
  • Select the track(s) you wish to split at the cursor position.

Note: if you are displaying Dual previews then you may not see the Split button under the sequence preview window. To the right however, you should see a chevron.


Click this to open the concealed options. (What you may see also depends on the PC display setting and the degree of track enlargement but the chevron should be visible at the very least.)


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