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Sync being altered by insert of Title or Transition

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Ok whilst I await a new improved version to fix the bug with the .VOB files out of sync problem I thought I would try a different approach.

I took a VOB file and converted it to MP4 in Prism then imported it to VideoPad successfully. All was fine and the audio was in sync with the video (unlike with the original in sync VOB version which goes out of sync when imported direct to VP) but the original quality of the audio needed cleaning up beyond what VideoPad was capable of doing so I chose to edit the audio file direct in WavePad from VideoPad. This I completed successfully and then closed WavePad which updated the audio file in VideoPad.  The result was the audio was still in sync with video so I selected all and chose "Group Selected Files" to lock in the synchronization. Next I added in a Title at the start on the sequence which was added in at the default 3 seconds, still in sync, then I edited the Title and increased the duration from 3 seconds to 6 seconds BUT this then pushed the video sequence 3 seconds to the right but left the audio track unmoved introducing a 3 second out of sync problem. Adding in a Transition only added to the problem. I have tried a number of different permutations of this approach but out of sync is the result. Interestingly if I adjust the duration of the Title clip from 3 to 6 seconds BEFORE inserting it on the sequence at the start the sync remains correct BUT then if I add in a Transition the sync is thrown out by the duration of the Transition despite being Grouped.I have also tried both Grouping and Ungrouping when adding a Transition in but the problem still exists.

So how is this possible when I chose Group Selected Files to lock them to each other?? Isn't this feature supposed to lock the tracks together retaining their relationship and sync to each other or am I missing something here????


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Unable to replicate your result in 7.39.  Assuming audio and video were linked in your clips...

Dropped four AVI clips to the timeline.  No grouping.  Added a title at the head.  Changed title duration to 6:00 and programmed a dissolve between it and the clips.  Sync was retained.

This likely does not have anything to do with your problematic VOB, but its sync issue should be resolved in the next version.

You might test with a file that was not originally a VOB.

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Yes just tried an original MP4 file and there is no sync problem introduced with Transitions which seems to show that the sync problem is related to the VOB origin as you have suggested.

I guess I will have to wait for the new rectified version or use one of the older versions as previously discussed. 

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So Borate that means that the current 7.39 version (and some earlier versions) of VideoPad as a video editor cannot be relied upon to process ALL MP4s as it seems to be that the original origin of the file determines whether VideoPad will handle it properly or not? Therefore someone could have a stack of MP4s and be frustrated as I have been by this whole out of sync thing and not know or realise that the problem relates to the actual origin source of their MP4s which they may have never known anything about, nor are able to confirm?

So I just want to make that point crystal clear so that others who experience this same problem out of sync with their MP4s and or VOBs will have an answer of sorts or at least an explanation documented here so that they hopefully do not end up wasting as much time as I have with this whole process.

Also could you just advise that selecting "Group Selected Files" is designed to theoretically lock the audio and the video together immutably thus retaining their exact relationship to each other even through additional editing and transformation additions?

I eagerly await the next version so that I can get on with processing another 100 or so VOBs that I have here.

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Mp4 is a container.  While video H264 and Audio AAC are the VP export default codecs, there are other choices.  Others may have been used to build these files.

Normally, Mp4s have no sync problems..  Some VOB files have, as noted in this thread.  Most work fine.  The conversion of an errant VOB file to use Mp4 may have migrated the fault.  Version 7.10 initially fixed VOB sync issues but they resurfaced.  Stay tuned to this thread.

As for grouping,  http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/videopad/win/editing_linkedgrouped.html

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Thank you Borate for your concise explanation.

I originally converted the problem VOB in Prism with H264 left as the deafult and with AAC greyed out but showing as the Default.

This then is the resultant MP4 file that I had the later problems with even though the conversion was with Prism as above.

The Grouping explanation is as I understood it to be so that is good BUT the Grouping was failing with this same converted VOB file as a MP4?

So this may mean that Prism also has a problem handling VOB files?


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So this may mean that Prism also has a problem handling VOB files...

Some VOB files, perhaps.  Tested yours in an online Mp4 converter.  It wouldn't accept the file.  But it succeeded quickly with a VOB that was created years ago with Freemake.

That hints something non-standard about your files that prevents certain apps from handling them correctly.

Hopefully this will be a moot point in the future with VP.

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Hi Borate Sorry to disappoint but the exact same problems exist with some other VOB files that I started working on in 7.50.

Cutting them up editing adding titles and transitions messes up the linked audio and video tracks

I will experiment a bit more and report back.

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Tested your now in-sync VOB with titles and transitions and it stayed locked.

Under OPTIONS|EDITING tab, choose "Ask: in the Video Transition box.

Then, when a transition between clips does not have sufficient video to cover the trans duration it will prompt whether to Overlap or Freeze.

If Overlap is chosen, the audio may go out of sync if it isn't linked to video for that clip, because video will be moved (overlapped).

Let's take a look at your project - it's the best way to diagnose these issues.

Here's how...  http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/23659-tips-for-getting-help-on-this-forum/

If it contains sensitive material you can link it in a personal message (PM) to me, via the envelope above.  Be sure to FILE|SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT AS, not simply SAVE PROJECT, and don't forget to share it.

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