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Can you adjust the webcam screen size?

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On the paid version can you move the box around from the bottom right to the bottom left? Can you make yourself a little larger. The preset has quite a tiny viewing area. 

OBS won't work on my new computer. I'm enraged by that and lost a whole day of my life to trying to fix it but I can't. Debut seems to be a good solution, but I don't like being told where and how big my webcam area is. DOES the Paid version let YOU adjust the Size? The Location? 

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In this case Debut has several features that could help you , The paid version you can have the section that you would like to record, also if you are doing the recording from a webcam you can select the resolution. If you select do the recording from a device make sure selecting the Input if you are doing the screen recording  this is going to take the resolution of your Monitor.  You can download the free version here: https://www.nchsoftware.com/software/free-downloads.html

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