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Express Invoice now runs on Catalina

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3 hours ago, N_C_H_josh said:

Your files should be in /Users/$USER/Library/Application Support/ExpressInvoice/Shared where $USER is the username that you log in under.  I think I may have given the wrong location in a recent post. Sorry.

Yes fine on the data location. But HOW DO I GET THE NEW VERSION OF THE PROGRAM TO SUCK IN THIS DATA? It's acting like I'm a new user. In fact I'm an old and very frustrated user. Is there no way to point the software to this location? 

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You shouldn't have to do anything. There's no way to explicitly point Express Invoice to your data. 

If you open the finder and watch the contents of  /Users/$USER/Library/Application Support/ExpressInvoice/Shared/Invoices while you create a new invoice in Express Invoice, you should see the .dat file for that invoice appear.

Please open a support ticket at  https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html if you continue to have trouble.

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11 hours ago, Gnarly said:

I'm in the same boat as Mammonist. I upgraded, installed new version, it acts like I'm a new user. -> Library/Application Support/ExpressInvoice/Shared ... does not exist. No Import, nothin'. Note- when I installed the new version, it deleted the old one (ver 5.05)

Same for me as I posted above. And received no reply. 

@N_C_H_joshfollowed your string to the location but the folder simply does not exist.

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This is the reply I received from purchasing on Feb 2019:


Our licensing allows 6 months of free upgrades which your key has just fallen behind on. Apple has decided to only allow 64-bit applications for their newest software, so please keep in mind this was a decision by Apple and not by us.

If you'd like I can provide you an invoice for an upgrade cost with an exorbitant discount, as I understand the frustration. If you'd like to proceed forward let me know, thank you.

NCH Sales


These morons at NCH want us to pay them for fixing their mistake. I say we find another solution. Why give a company like this more money. It's ridiculous. 

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For those of us who have been using this product for a looooooong time (shout out my fellow 2012 users!), take note that the old folder path is different than the new one.

Library/Application Support/NCH Software/ExpressInvoice/Shared

Library/Application Support/ExpressInvoice/Shared

I copied my Shared folder from the old path to the new path, and I'm good to go in the 64-bit version.  Hopefully this helps the rest of y'all!

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