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Drum Kit Editor defaults

Kevin Harris

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Does anyone know what determines the default instruments for drumsets and how to change them?

I'll give an obvious example. I haven't yet edited the provided drumset definitions, but I'm thinking I need to.
When I place a note in position five on the staff,  I want and would expect to get a normal note head to denote the snare drum.

But every time I place a note there the note head is a cross, like for a cymbal or high hat.  I can change that to a normal note head, but I'm having to change every snare drum note individually.
If I'm reading the editor correctly this default for position 5 is a Side stick rather than a Snare.  Why, and how to change it?
Also I see that there are two instruments defined for the normal note head in that position, Acoustic snare and Electric snare.  Which one would/should it play when two are defined?


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Hello Kevin, the default instruments were determined by the NCH Software developers. Also, to change the note position or head you may click on Parts setup, select the staff you wish to edit and click on icon next to Drumset map. The window to edit percussion instruments will open, there you can click to select the instrument you wish to edit, change the note head and the Stave position. Once you have made the changes just click on OK to save the changes.

About the issue with the instruments having the same note head and position, this is something that the NCH Software developers will be made aware of.

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