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Audio from DAW (Cubase) Not Recorded

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Hi forum

I am recording a screen cast of Cubase audio workstation and the audio from my mic is being recorded (though only on the left channel, not sure why), but the audio from Cubase is not.

I have tried all settings in the Audio Options including setting Speakers to MMDevice and Filter Driver to no avail. I have also tried to start Debut BEFORE Cubase and run Debut as Administrator, makes no difference.

Any help appreciated.


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Hello jelnet, it could be that Cubase is not using the computer's audio driver that Debut tries to record from. You may want to check if from Cubase there is an option to direct the audio output to Debut. Also, if you are using headphones or external speakers connected to the computer, you may want to disconnect them, restart Debut and then reconnect the headphones or speakers and test again. 

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I'm having the same issue. Behringer XAir 18 channel 1 and 2 are running as system audio and DAW audio. I can record to the DAW at the same time I'm playing back audio from Windows Media Player. As Jelnet said above, it records the microphones going into the XAir, but not the systems audio coming out of those same two channels from the audio driver. Secondly I bought your SoundTap program only to find out it won't work at the same time Debut does, which would have fixed my problem if it had. 

I've tried just setting Debut to record from my system using MMDevice and it receives no audio from anything. I need to be able to record what I'm doing in Cubase at the same time I'm talking using the microphone.  Have you guys figured this one out yet?

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