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putting saved video projects together


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Hi there

I have created several small videos which i wish to combine into one as a promo video for my business

when adding files my folder is empty but i have saved and exported the previous videos

a lot of my footage is portrait so i wish to place a picture behind it on my first layer ( learning about taking videos the hard way!) so i can't use the exported videos

I can import clips from another project and add them where i need them to be, but it's like i have to re-edit the video i have already made with music

tried drag and drop but this just opens up the project i wish to add

there must be an easier way of putting my already made videos together without re-editing

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If you have already exported some videos you can easily combine these together in a new project(video) as they are, in effect just new clips.  So not entirely sure where the problem is. As you are trying to combine videos you have already edited and exported that editing cannot be undone per se as it is simply a new clip you have added. But you can edit it just as you can with any clip.....if you see what I mean.

A background image would be placed in Videotrack 1 and your portrait video on Video track 2 (or another higher track.)  It might need scaling or cropping to enable the image below it to be seen however. One thing you can't do, at least not without a bit of preparation, is to add an old project (vpj file) to the current project. You can add the component files if you still have them of course but as you have found out more editing would be needed.

Clarify precisely the steps a little and someone will try to come up with an answer.



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