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mac upgraded to catalina requires 64 bit NOW please

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If you need to use Express Invoice, then you could load your exported data into the Windows version. Assuming that you've been doing backups, you can load your Mac backups into the Windows version of Express Invoice. If you don't have your latest backup available, then your files should be in /Users/$USER/Library/Application Support/NCH Software/ExpressInvoice/Shared where $USER is the username that you log in under. I'd recommend setting Options->Invoice-->Invoice Numbering-->Prefix to a high value to avoid any numbering conflicts.

If you've been syncing your Express Invoice data with another device, then you should be able to sync the Windows version with that device as well.

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So I have done the upgrade to 64-bit (that they charged me for) but none of my information is there.  NONE.  No settings, no invoices, no quotes, no customers.  Basically its like starting from scratch.  And it won't let me restore from my backup on my computer.  

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