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Timing of frames

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I have loaded in a full animation and want to play it to run for 3mins 28 secs as it will have audio synced to it - there are 282 frames which I can time using an old version of paint shop pro 7 and the attached animate 3 - I can put a time on each frame to run in sync with audio but you cannot add audio to the PSP7 package so Express was a recommended choice. How do I put a time on each frame to match audio?  

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Wow... You must want to work for a living. Express Animate can only adjust "key" frames to match to the audio, not audio to frames. You can change the speed and amplitude(db) of the audio. You can fade in and out the audio. You can make the audio play in reverse. There are many audio effects that can be applied as well. And you can slide the track anywhere along the compositions timeline. But you can not take the audio and stretch or squeeze it between video frames. Now if I miss read your question, please respond back and I will try again.

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