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Crop video and export to the exact size


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34 minutes ago, Cheky said:

Hello, I have the same problem like EtoDem, I just want to crop and save. Can this be reached in Video Pad, or do I need some another software? 

I resolved adding all effects/editing (BUT WITHOUT ANY CROP/RESIZE) with videopad and then exporting my video to lossless or high quality values.

Then I use AVIDEMUX and with 2 clicks crop/resize my video.

I feel like an idiot but with two clicks I have the result I want without becoming a fool in calculating proportions and measures.


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For a cropped area to be superimposed over a background, use CROP.  Add SCALE or POSITION effects if desired.

Snapshot - 3.png

Experiment with one of the many A/R Transform drop-down menu presets.   image.png.

For a cropped are that fills the frame use ZOOM.

Snapshot - 2.png

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