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Crop video and export to the exact size


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I'm using VideoPad 7.34

I found many post on this forum abount cropping issues, black bands and so on but I have not found a solution.

My purpose is very simple: I want to crop a video (applying a crop rectangle static filter) and then export the video with that new size.

I don't want to upscale, downscale, zoom, scretch to aspect, adapt to 16:9 or optimazing it  for youtube.

When I apply a crop filter the "Auto match content" feature always detect the original size and not the new cropped size.

It's possible to reach this goal without use another processing tool?

Thank you


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I understand your point of view but I don't want to upscale or black bands :)

If my video is 1920x1080 and I crop 25% 25% 25% 25% I want a video half the width and half the height so 960x540.

If I crop off some margin I want a smaller picture size video :)

It's possible to obtain that?

At the moment If I process a 1080x1920 video applying texts and cropping details I force VideoPad to produce a 1080x1920 video (with stratch, hoping he doesn't do anything since the geometry is identical) and then I crop the resulting video with AviDemux.

And it's crazy because every additional processing cause a decode and a reencoding with loss of details.

Thank you




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Hi :)

The first observation I make is that the crop shows only percentage values so knowing exactly how many pixels it will become is not so simple. At the moment to know it I export the file and use Avidemux which has a crop autodetect filter. Is there a better way?

Anyway your result is correct. But it isn't the requested result :)

I give an example to be clearer. If I load a picture into MSPAINT.exe and do "CROP", the save generates an image with the cut size, not the original one with the black bands. I want the same thing: a video of the cut size. I don't want black bands, I don't want to zoom, I don't want to stretch. I want a video of the exact dimensions I set without going crazy. It's possible? :)

Using your example my desired result is https://ibb.co/1Qkz1tx

Thank you very much for your support!


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It appears that your desired result cannot be achieved without scaling, but can be seen if the player is scaled to present the video in that manner - such as 2x size in MPC-HC.

Others may chime in here with better solutions.  File a suggestion by clicking the chevron at the top-right of the VP window.

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Hi Borate

Is possible to scalate this issue to the developer team? I think it's a I product problem, not a feature.

Adding fantastic filters and processing and not being able to export a clipped video seems like a big product mistake.

-"It is a fantastic car, full of options and quality. Great comfort, low consumption and a dashboard full of buttons and lights"

-"Can I open all four doors simultaneously?"




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4 hours ago, c_major said:

Hi EtoDem,

Have you tried the Zoom effect. I think it does exactly what you wanted.

Hi C_major

Yes of course and is easy if the crop percentage are exaclty 25-25-75-75.

But when the crop area is very custom it's impossibile to obtain a good result.

You must choose between black bands or low resolution tradeoff.  And is crazy for a commercial software when free sw like avidemux do this very easily.


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"...I understand your point of view but I don't want to upscale or black bands :)

If my video is 1920x1080 and I crop 25% 25% 25% 25% I want a video half the width and half the height so 960x540.

If I crop off some margin I want a smaller picture size video :)

It's possible to obtain that?...."

VP 7.30      YOU DON'T NEED TO CROP....(per se) Here is the reason...

Here is a 1920 x 1080 clip on the timeline.........


If apply a CROP effect 25/25/75/75  (Not as you state in your post 25/25/25/25..as this wont give a 1/2 size central image)

You will now have cropped the image to leave just the central area of 960 x 540 pixels (It is now 1/2 the size but not all the original image. as it has been cropped)   The parameters chosen place this cropped image in the centre of the frame which remains 1920 x 1080.....


If you export this using Auto match , VP exports a 1920 x 1080 image.....and the cropped area will be in the centre of the frame just as it was on the timeline...


Exporting as a Custom 920 x 540.   Gives the same result but in a smaller frame....


If you try to scale it up to fill the frame it wont work correctly ....(At least here it didn't)......So don't crop...do this.....

  • Place the 1920 x 1080 clip on the timeline
  • SCALE it up to twice the size keeping the same aspect ratio
  • Export it (either 1920 x 1080   or Custom 960 x 540.)

This is the original 1920 x1080 clip image.....



This is an image of the "cropped" (or scaled up) clip  exported at 1960 x 1080 in VLC.... The resolution suffers since the image was scaled up to twice its original size in step 2 above...



Below is an image of the "cropped" (or scaled up) clip  exported at 960 x 540  in VLC....


Is that the effect you want?  Note again This image is "cropped" and the outer part of the image is lost.

If you want all the original image area but only half size then export at custom 960 x 540.



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First of all I want to thank you for the support, I appreciate it very much and it's a good signal for those who buy a product.

It's correct. 25-25-25-25 are wrong, 25% 25% 75% 75% are correct :)

First point. As long as we talk about a crop in the center it is very simple. If we apply a more realistic crop it becomes much more complex

Starting from this sample: https://ibb.co/bR2vZgb
If I want to apply this crop: https://ibb.co/TmKz4nX

It's not easy to zoom without adding black bars or lose areas.
And again: What will be the final pixel size with this crop?
We can take the original width 1920 multiplied by the first percentage 49,63, and do the same for the secondo percentage 96,56. Then substract the results to obtain the new width.
Then do the same for the height. Roudings? boh.

Then we can try to export with a complex try and retry and retry until a less than acceptable solution is found.

Do you agree with me that it's crazy? :)

I'm a software developer and I know it's not polite but let me compare this.

Exporting the previous video without any resize or zoom:

Loading my uncropped file into avidemux:

Filters -> crop -> Auto Crop

[OK] -> Save.

Stop. Done. 5 Clicks. 

If you agree that there is an incomprehensible limitation, that it will be resolved in the future and you are trying to help me solve a problem quickly, I thank you for your commitment and help.
If you are trying to convince me that the program is right, we think it very differently.

Anyway, thank you very much for your time


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Admittedly VP does not provide the resolution in pixels that your cropped image will have, although as you say it can be worked out from the crop position values.

If you want a centered image of a Cropped image then simply use The zoom effect......

Original image........


Here is the same Image with a un-centered  freeform zoomed area....The AR is not known but VP centers the zoomed area.....


The result in this case will always have bars since the AR of the cropped area is not 16:9 like the frame AR.


There there is a list of ARs  that you can you apply to the Zoom effect, one of which may be close to the crop AR you are looking for..


As an example I could select 21:9 and center it on the yellow duster.......


There will still be black bars top and botton since it is not 16:9. But I can change the setting of the preview to 21:9 as it also has a list of ARs...Selecting this removes the black bars from the preview...


Exporting this with Auto Match produces a border free clip of 21:9 AR..in this case 770 x 324.....

This is an image of exported clip in VLC at 21:9 AR


This might be as close as you will get.






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  • 8 months later...

This is ridiculous.  All we want is a simple crop and save cropped area, not to muck about with dentring, aspect ratios etc etc..  This is not difficult to understand.  I've paid money for this and I want it to do one of the simplest operations connected to video editing !!!

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"......This is ridiculous......."

No it;s not.  It explains how a cropped image can be made full screen using zoom (subject to its AR)

"... All we want is a simple crop and save cropped area..."

OK There is no problem......

Click FX and crop your image/clip  and then export it.!   It will have borders.   But it seems you want JUST the cropped area to export.......There are caveats to this and it depends on how you cropped it.

By default It will crop free-form unless you pick a particular AR from the list. Picking an AR of 16:9 will keep the cropped area the same shape as the screen. Other ARs will have different rectangular shapes which will not be that of the screen.

As you have cropped the image however, and done it either free-form or with a selected AR it will, logically now be smaller than the scree and  there will be black borders around it  These will export.    If that's what you are after then OK.  If not see below...

After cropping, the image area is  smaller than the screen area but you can use Scale to enlarge it. A 16:9 crop will Scale up to full screen with no problem and there will no black borders when you export.(Note A single 16:9 zoom effect will accomplish the same thing in one go)

A free-form crop will still have a border even if you scale it up to best fit. (You can't fit a square cropped image into a 16:9 rectangular screen) If you don't want borders and you still want it to fill the screen despite the image not being 16:9, then you can use Scale to stretch it. (Note that again a single free-form Zoom will accomplish this in one step)




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I thank you for the further explanation, but is it clear to you that a huge series of steps and attempts are needed to obtain a banal result? When two clicks are enough to obtain the same result with other software?
This is what I struggle to understand about this whole discussion: Am I stupid because I want a banal result with little effort without going crazy with settings, filters, crops and scale? :)

Then if the answer is "For us it is right that you take an hour of tests and attempts to get a banality" we are fine.

Thank you, have a nice day



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Hi EtoDem

We are doing our best! :)    But, not particularly clear on what you mean by banality. (something so lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring.:mellow:)

OK...You have a clip (or image)  loaded to the timeline.  It is a bog standard 16:9 clip that fills the frame. (1920 x 1080   or 1280 x 720 etc.)..........

  What do you want to do with it?   Please explain your steps and what you hope to end up with.

At the very least a zoom effect (a single effect) will achieve all (or most) of what you seem to want.I don't think one step is a huge number:)



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  • 7 months later...

I just solved this after getting some ideas from this thread. I agree though, it should be much more straight forward - crop and zoom to cropped area.

  1. Zoom on the area you want to keep for the final clip (obviously!)
  2. Using the original clip resolution, apply the percentage zoom you selected for each dimension to the pixels i.e. if your original clip is 1280x720 and you're wanting a cropped video of say 45%,0%,90%,100%, then the start pixel of the horizontal is 45% x 1280 and the end pixel of the horizontal is 90% x 1280. That puts your crop in the horizontal position between pixels 576 and 1152.
  3. Export the clip with the final pixel sizes as determined by your crop percentages and calculations with the restraint ('Widescreen fit' in the export dialogue box) to STRETCH. In this example that's 1152-576=576 for the horizontal and 720 for the vertical. But remember that the top left pixel is 0,0, not the bottom left.
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  • 4 months later...

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