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Register SIpgate Trunk with phone no. not ID


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In UK & have sipgate trunk.

I got IVM to register & work fine with voipfone which is a UK provider but this was a basic VOIP account. I used the ID & PW as only 1 number OK.

I tried the same with Sipgate Trunk, (A) it registered on the ID but would not see the call, Gave up in the end so perhaps there was a different way

I am going to be using within or hopefully along side my NEC SL1100 pbx. New to this so may misunderstand fundamentals

Got my pbx up & running & works fine, Now want another go a IVM either on an extension but just want it to register on a number if possible. My thinking is, if I use the ID it will conflict with the pbx.

I put the phone number in the SIp Number (or User ID). PW etc. and servers etc.

default ID: I get 401 unauthorized

Alternative ID (My main user ID) : I get 403 forbidden. Could this be because my pbx is already registered. The number is not being used in the pbx

Tried with full number & without leading 0.

Either way think something not right as (A) above

can any one advise of phone number formats to use or perhaps what the a variety of whole SIP-URL's I could try

Any ideas.

thanks I/A

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Recently I have been using a second phone number, which helps me a lot and makes my life easier. With it, I can separate my personal life and work, make calls all over the world, and communicate with whomever I want. You always need a second phone number for work, both for business and other activities, because you need to stay in touch wherever you are. Thank you so much for being so considerate. Good luck, everyone.

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