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Register SIpgate Trunk with phone no. not ID


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In UK & have sipgate trunk.

I got IVM to register & work fine with voipfone which is a UK provider but this was a basic VOIP account. I used the ID & PW as only 1 number OK.

I tried the same with Sipgate Trunk, (A) it registered on the ID but would not see the call, Gave up in the end so perhaps there was a different way

I am going to be using within or hopefully along side my NEC SL1100 pbx. New to this so may misunderstand fundamentals

Got my pbx up & running & works fine, Now want another go a IVM either on an extension but just want it to register on a number if possible. My thinking is, if I use the ID it will conflict with the pbx.

I put the phone number in the SIp Number (or User ID). PW etc. and servers etc.

default ID: I get 401 unauthorized

Alternative ID (My main user ID) : I get 403 forbidden. Could this be because my pbx is already registered. The number is not being used in the pbx

Tried with full number & without leading 0.

Either way think something not right as (A) above

can any one advise of phone number formats to use or perhaps what the a variety of whole SIP-URL's I could try

Any ideas.

thanks I/A

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