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Use CSV to place video effect parameters

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I want to change the hue of a video with the tempo of a song. Currently, I split video clips up so that their duration is a multiple of the duration of a musical "measure", and then I make a template with hue such that transitions in hue occur at the beat of the song. Then I save it as a template. Every song has a different tempo though...

Using the GUI is really tedious and repetitive. I would like to make a simple CSV file (with google sheets or excel) with time, parameter, and value columns. Perhaps there's a good way to manipulate the "curve handles" with the CSV too, but I won't ask for that much.

Obviously, importing CSVs could be useful for several video effects' parameters, but the most useful for me would be "Motion" and "Hue."

I don't want to sound naive, but this can be achieved pretty easily, right? I'd gladly pay a reasonable fee to upgrade to get these features.

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I just realized that effects templates scale with time, so If I make clips in varying durations, then one effect template for one tempo will work for another tempo.


I still stand by my original thought of the utility of a CSV importer for various parameters. You can easily manipulate data in google sheets or excel whereas you have to click and drag for individual keyframes with the GUI. I know it was a lot of work to get the GUI to work how it does, but it can get tiresome if you want to produce videos like a well-oiled machine.

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Hello again,

Thank you for entering the suggestions in for me.

 I do urgently need this feature, though!

So, I want to know exactly what I need to do to get this feature as fast as possible. Would purchasing a support contract expedite the process? I last purchased a license under v6.00. I'll gladly buy both a support contract and a license to the next version to get these features!

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