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Landscape phone video loads into VideoPad in portrait


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The video has been shot on the phone in horizontal aspect ie landscape. When I load it into VideoPad Master Edition V7.30 on Windows 10 Pro to edit it loads up in vertical aspect ie portrait mode.

Then when I select Effects / Rotate it does rotate the image but the frame then shows as a square which only shows the centre part of the image in each frame cutting off each end of the original image.

I have tried Exporting in about 6 different formats but I end up with a small square movie as per the preview?

Does anyone have any advice please?

What am I doing wrong here?


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c_major thanks for replying😀

I did not try Rotate & Flip as I didn't see Flip as the potential problem.

Ok so I just tried selecting Rotate & Flip BUT only selected the Rotate box and it worked perfectly so I do thank you very much for your suggestion.

There is obviously a problem bug within VideoPad if selecting just Rotate rotates the image but in square box mode yet selecting just Rotate from the Rotate & Flip  Effect rotates it differently but correctly????

Very confusing

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