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Export problems imac ver 7.31

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I recently upgraded to version 7.31 and since then I have had alot of problems exporting videos. I have three videos I have been working on. 

Two of them( 8 minutes long and 20 minutes long) finally exported properly after several attempts. But I have one that is 32 minutes long. That just won´t export properly. if I use lossless export it takes away the video from my intro(leaves in the audio) and the main video exports properly, but at the end I have a still frame, that disappears but audio is still there(narration). 

If I try to use the option "Off Re-encode video" the video won´t open in quicktime. It just says "Converting" when I try to open it, and then it can´t open. I tried to split the video in half and export it as two separate videos(worked) and then import them into videopad again and export them again as one video but that doesn´t work either. The file size also changes alot. The video goes from being 3.99 gb without the intro, and when i try to export with intro(10 sec) it is suddenly 4.9 gb

I have used this program for three years and I have made over 200 videos using this software. I have made videos that are almost 50 minutes long and haven´t had problems before. I tried reinstalling it, and it didn´t work. I have created these three videos the same way I have always done in this program. This problem showed upp occassionally in the last version I hade, but then I usually, just exported it again, and it would work fine. 

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Reinstall your older version.  Does it succeed?  If so, please file a bug report.  Click the chevron at the top-right of the Videopad window and fill out the bug form.

If you care to share a short project for analysis, it's not difficult.  Here's how...


If it contains sensitive material you can link it in a personal message (PM) to me, via the envelope above.  Be sure to FILE|SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT AS, not simply SAVE PROJECT, and don't forget to share it.

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In Windows each installer is saved to the programs folder.  On the Mac you might use the finder to locate the VP executable.  If that fails 6.03 may be available here.

That's not a sanctioned NCH site, but appears to be legit.  Beware of extra offers during the install, and reject them.

Unfamiliar with Mac user interface nuances here, but the process of saving as a portable project should be similar to Windows versions.  Here's what the general HELP file says...

Finalize a Project - Backing Up or Moving a Project to Another Computer

A project file only stores the paths of media files (including video, audio, and image files), not the entire file contents. When a project file is loaded, it attempts to find and load the media files using those file paths. If a media file has been moved or deleted, or the project file alone has been copied or moved to another computer, VideoPad will not be able to find the original media files. To back up a project and all its media files, or to move a project and all its media files to another computer, select File -> Back Up Project Files to Folder, or Save Portable Project As. This will save a new copy of the project (.vpj) file in the selected folder, and all media files used in the project will also be copied into the same folder. This entire folder can then be saved to backup media, or copied or moved to another computer.

Once the portable project is saved, follow the instructions in the link above to upload and share it here or in a private message.

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I installed ver 6.03 again per your recommendation and it worked. I managed to export the video, on my first try. So I guess I´m gonna stick with that version for a while longer.

Should I still send a copy of the 7.31 version, so maybe you can take a look at it, and maybe find the problem? From what I have seen here in the forum, I don´t seem to be the only Mac user experiencing problems with this version of the program. 

I have uploaded it to my google drive, and what I want to know is, how i PM it to you? I don´t want to post a download link publicly in the forum.

Thanks for the help.

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Don't know that success in Windows would prove success on your Mac, but you can PM it to me via the envelop in the top-right corner of this forum.  Click on Compose a New Message and then type "borate" into the TO field.

Load the project that you created in 7.31, save as PORTABLE project, upload, share and send me the link.  It may be passed along to the developers for analysis.

Please detail your experience with the latest Mac version in a Bug Report, as suggested above.

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Well, It works now, and if you are running it on windows, then maybe it wont help my mac problem. 

So I´ll skip sending the project, it is quite large(14gb). But I will file a bug report, as you suggested. I also sent in a refund request, for the latest version, do you know how long they usually take to process?

 But I have one last question, I have an Intro template in videopad. Now that I "downgraded" to version 6.03. It will no longer open, since Videopad says it´s for ver 7.31. Is there anyway to bypass that? Or do I have to remake it?

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Sorry, don't have those answers for you.  But here's a resource that should put you in touch with someone who does...  https://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/support.html

Note the link to a tech support form, at the bottom of the page.

Yes, that's a large file.  But if you do decide to share, it will be passed along to the developers, who are keen on tracking down problems.

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Though it's Windows, not Mac here...would still like to take a look at your project, to my PM box.

Because the project is big, you might split out and delete part of it (after saving, of course) and submit the remainder for analysis per the instructions above.

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Yes! The beta version linked above seems to have fixed the issue. At least two shorter sequences exported breezily to flawless MP4s. (H264) I'm exporting the main sequence just now.

Thousand thanks!

Edit: I was little bit hasty to celebrate. Still the whole project didn't export, but created corrupted video file. However now all other sequences exported to MP4 without issues, and I could join these files together with a new sequence.

Also checked, this beta is version 7.34, previous was 7.33.


Sidenote: I tested other file formats and codecs, and WEBM (VP8) seemed to be only one which created acceptable quality with reasonable file size. But encoding was ridicilously slow, my ten minute project took several hours to export. And of course this might represent a needles decoding-encoding step.

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