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Possible RGB Split effect alternative for VideoPad


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Hello! I wanna ask if there's someone here that knows any possible alternative for RGB Split Effect for VideoPad. Currenlt using v7.10 since there was a bug with some effects on v7.32.

Is there a way to use the current video effects to recreate the RGB Split, or is there any plug-in that makes this certain transition?

I hope someone can recommend something useful as soon as possible, because this needs to be used for a certain project.

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You can get a RBG split with VP using the Colour Curves effect but there is no provision to add the RGB images on different tracks using colour addition or subtraction

As an example for 1 channel (It's similar for the other channels..)

  1. You will need to add your clip/image to Tracks 1, 2 and 3..(synched) ..One each for RED BLUE and GREEN
  2. Click the FX button for Video Track 1 and select Colour Curves effect. (You may need to enlarge the pane to see all the squared area.)
  3. To leave just the RED channel in the clip on Video Track 1......
  • Choose the Blue option and drag the right top corner of the line down to the bottom right......Removes blue from clip
  • Choose the Green option and drag the top right corner of the line down to the bottom right....Removes the Green from the clip
  • The clip on Video Track 1 will now just display the red channel in the image.....


To leave just the BLUE channel in the clip on Video Track 2...... its similar but suppressing the Red and Green

To leave the GREEN channel in the clip on Video Track 3.......it's similar but suppressing Red and Blue.



The problem now is that  although you can offset each image using position you cant add the tracks together by colour addition or colour subtraction as you can with RBG images in graphics programs and making the overlay tracks partially transparent is not an option.



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