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Poor quality sound with reverb and echo


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Hi guys

I have an audio file from my video I am working on in VideoPad which I have opened in Wavepad to try and rescue it.

It is a funeral service for my brother which was recorded badly in a chapel and contains both speech and music.

The problem is most of it sounds like it was recorded in a tincan with echo and reverb making it very difficult to understand and decipher.

I have played around with various filter selections within WavePad but am unhappy with any of the results so have gone back to the original (faulty) recording.

Does anyone have any advice that would see me attack this problem with the correct filters applications and in the best order of applying these please?

I am an amateur at this but have a reasonable ability to follow some clear direction from more knowledgeable people than myself.

This is very important to myself and my family so any help or guidance will be very much appreciated.

Thank you


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