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Debut video capture problem with Adobe Acrobat reader

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I am facing a very weird problem using Debut video capture software (Trial version for personal use).

The problem happens when I do the following:

1- I am reading something on Adobe Acrobat PDF reader.

2- I minimize it and go to the desktop and run Debut video capture.

3-I go back to adobe reader, and I find it freezing. Like badly freezing with the windows waiting circle running and everything.


I tried to close it or anything, and it just wouldn't close until I kill the task from windows task manager.

I tried different configuration but with no luck. I tried restarting my computer several times and the issue is still there. No matter what I do, I cannot run Debut video capture without Adobe Acrobat reader freezing.


Now, I tried the following and I had different results:

1- I am reading something on Adobe Acrobat PDF reader.

2- I minimize it and go to the desktop and run Debut video capture.

3- I record whatever I want WITHOUT touching Adobe Acrobat in anyway. So, it will continue to be minimized.

4- I close the Debut video Capture program but exiting it normally.

5- I click on Adobe Acrobat reader now and it is not freezing.


So, it only freeze if I click on it while Debut is running.


Have anyone faced this before? And what would be the solution to this?

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Same problem here.  There seems to be an incompatibility between Debut video capture and Adobe Acrobat Reader.  They just don't work at the same time.  This is really annoying.  Anyone found a workaround?

(BTW I have filed a bug report as has been suggested to others in this thread.)

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This has been a problem with Debut from the beginning.  I have always been forced to take screenshots of the pdf docs before I make a video so the screen won't freeze.........pain in the ass.


NCH does not seem to be be able to fix it.  Makes this software unusable for many and they should ISSUE A WARNING before the sale.

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Yes, same problem here. My symptoms are exactly the same as mohamedalfar from September of 2019.

I assumed it was an issue with Adobe and security they may have on documents being captured to other applications.

Hopefully there is a setting in Adobe that can fix this issue. But the problem is being caused by Debut unfortunately. I have not had the issue with other screen capturing apps.

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