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Issue exporting video using VP 7.30

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I am having issues exporting my completed project which is approx 4,in 25 secs.

When I select any file size greater than 768x576 the program either exports only a partial file of around 25 seconds or fails toexport anything at all.

Currently running VP version 7.30 on Intel I5-4570 CPU, 3.2GHz, PC running Windows 8.1,  8GB Ram,  2TB drive.

I have reviewed a number of  other user issues and have followed numerous steps as follows:

   Uninstalled and re-installed Version 7.30

   Cleared cache etc  all to no avail.

I have an urgent project which requires a High Resolution mpg4 file to be prepared NO LATER than 29th September (this project is for a music video due for release on 30th September 2019.

I have provided a Google Drive link below to all necessary project files for you to review and provide a solution.


Please note that I reside in Western Australia so there will be approx 12 hours time difference for ongoing communications therefore email contact is preferred.

Thanks in advance




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Hi pixellphoto:  We are able to identify this bug, this is caused by too many  video tracks, in the project > 60 and thus cause a memory issue.

A temporary fix is to avoid using more tracks. In you project, you can merge to fewer tracks say < 10.

We will fix this bug asap, if not the next release, the one after next release.

Thanks borate and pixellphoto for reporting.

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