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Bars (No green squares), No Demo Voice, Loading of Pre-recorded speech file?

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I would like to buy full license of SoundTap 6.03. I have been searching for a long time a solution that would record webinars and VOIP phone calls with BOTH sides of audio voices (speeches): my as outgoing sound from computer and other attendant(s)' speech(es) as incoming sound to computer. SoundTap seems to be able to do right this and what I like the most is the following: Perfect VOLUME of incoming audio to computer. So far in the other applications that I tried in the past, the volume of outgoing audio (my own speech) was OK but incoming audio was so quiet that I heard nothing. Finally in this SoundTap software both sides of recorded volume are good. However there are few questions and problems I am having and would like to discuss them before I buy: your help would be highly appreciated:

When I open SoundTap, there are two big black bars. One is near speaker icon and one near microphone icon. I made sure that in Options\Sound Input Device is my microphone for sure selected. However, regardless if option (note: option on the dashboard and not in Options window!) ''Also record from microphone'' is ticked or not, the problem is the same: When I speak into the microphone, before or after clicking on button ''Start Recording'', nothing is being occurred/loaded (light green squares color) inside black bar. That squares only occur, in both black bars (the one near icon speaker and the one near icon microphone), when SoundTap recognizes incoming audio to computer. When there is only my speech (outgoing audio), the black bar is NOT loaded with squares green color. Whats wrong? I repeat: Both black bars gets loaded with green squares only when incoming audio is recognized. Why? I need to repeat again: ''Also record from microphone'' is already ticked.

I currently have demo (unlicensed) version because I haven't bought it yet and when I check Help articles I see information that voice "Please purchase SoundTap" is added to the recording and it cannot be removed unless I buy permanent version. However even if I have unlicensed version, I cannot hear this voice anywhere. Could you please tell me where is this voice? When it gets added? How often? Will the other side on webinar or VOIP phone call hear that voice? I tried my best to hear this voice but as I said, I cannot hear it anywhere.

The last, third, question: I would like to pre-record particular speech with my microphone and then play it live on either webinar or VOIP. So instead of speaking into the microphone, I would just open (play) pre-recorded speech and result would be identical as if I was speaking into the microphone. So person (one or more) on the other side of webinar or VOIP phone call would hear in real time (live) this speech which I actually just played as pre-recorded one. How could I do this in SoundTap? How could I LOAD pre-recorded speech from mp3 file into SoundTap? And how could I then play it so it would be identical, to the other attendant(s) of webinar or VOIP phone call, as if I was speaking live into the microphone? Main idea of using pre-recorded speech is for leaving many voicemails when people don't pick up my phone call. So i don't need to keep saying for every single voicemail all the time the same sentences (same speech), therefore I would just use the file but i don't know how.

Thank you very much in advance for your answers.

All the best

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