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Is there a Skew/Free Transform/Corner Pin Effect for a video?

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There maybe a plug-in somewhere that will skew an image/clip in VP (Try the VirtualDub site.


but the normal VP effects do not include a transform effect.(AFAIK)   You can scale and rotate but the frame remains rectangular.I don't think you can get a trapezoidal image.

Depending on your foreground image you may be able to get something fairly close with a bit of fiddling....... e.g if the image contains an area that can be green screened out...


This can be placed as an overlay on Video Track 2 and the area rendered transparent with the Green Screen effect.In this case picking Black.

The clip or image to be "skewed" can then be placed on Video Track 1.   With both Preview windows selected in Options, you can then  monitor the adding of  a Scale effect to size the clip and a Position effect to place the clip behind the "Blackboard window"  in addition to a Rotation effect and .. The result, although not perfect with respect to a real skewed image will allow the the clip on Video Track1 to be seen "on" the Transparent blackboard area in the overlay...


It's not perfect but it's workable.

If the overlay area can't be green screened due to it having a mix of colours you can create a polygonal mask  of the desired shape and render the area outlined transparent and proceed in a similar way.



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