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I will PAY you to let me re-download Version 2.41

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I don't want to argue about it.  I don't want your new versions, any of them.  I loved how 2.41 worked, I mastered it and I have a lot of compatible projects I want to use it with.

I see what you did on the Internet.  You made it impossible to download old versions.  You planted files that look like old versions that push users to your site.


Tell me what you want.  I... I have money.  



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It is amazing how they filled the Net up with traps to get you to think you were downloading 2.41 and instead you're downloading their incomprehensible new version.

But I would really like to know how they reached into my PC and stopped me from using the installation of 2.41 I have had on there for years.

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Thanks, Borate.  It did download and it did install.  But it was tricky!  

First, when I ran the executable, it gave me a popup telling me that the program only worked on Windows 7 and, surprise, driving me to the NCH site.  I then tried the Windows compatibility troubleshooter, which gave me an error message.  I then tried to run it as administrator.

I don't know what worked... but it worked.  I put in my old registration credentials and it is now good as gold!  Appreciate your assistance. 


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i had the old version that i paid for  and was very happy with it ,,,they cancelled me out and want me to buy the new version ...so now i don't have anything when they told me that that version was mine paid for, for ever ...on the phone they ask for a passcode i dont have

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This is an old thread.  It's best to begin a new topic with a descriptive subject and details in the body.

You can download and install the latest for free.  It will have some limitations - mainly with effects and exporting - unless you license it.

If you have lost licensing info on the old version it should still run, as above.  When exporting, try the AVI choice.  What version was this?

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