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Strange behaviour on export settings (7.xx)

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7.xx versions up to now (7.30) have the followig behaviour:


I load some project and try to make my first export .

Export -> Video File -> 

Preset: Custom
File Format -> Pencil symbol -> H265  / "High Quality / Larger Filesize" / Audio: 192 kbps
=> OK
=> Create 



Now lets make another encoding ... 

Export -> Video File ->  ...
We notice that Preset display 'Custom" , but VP didn't saved previous settings (H264 / Default Quality ).

Now if I drop down 'Custom' and choose 'Custom' again (!) .
My favourite settings will now be restored (H265  / "High Quality / Larger Filesize" / Audio: 192 kbps)

Maybe this is the reason for many people who can't make expected exports .


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Thanks for reporting issues.

It looks like a bug if 'Custom' doesn't save last settings. We'll investigate and fix the issue.

BTW: Export settings are now saved into the project file. The settings will be restored (for that project) after the project is loaded.


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