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Gavin Maginness


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I see a lot of reference to using a mic hence this question

The mic is an audio input but so is a soundcard.  So will just playing music on my PC using the standard  audio in with broadwave connected....Will this  allow me to stream to my website or will I need a mic? 

At the moment I have both...soundcard for the sound and a USB mic for the voice

All my music is in OTS format amd I use OTSAV to stream at the moment without a problem.  Currently I stream to MIXLR and people listen in via that link.

Is it possible to talk to you over the phone..


If it is email me a name and a number please

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There are three main types of stream audio here:

  • Live Stream: This is the audio streaming from your microphone. If BroadWave is running (even in the background) this audio is "live" and anyone can listen to it.
  • Playlist: This will stream all your audio files in a looping playlist, playing one file after the other.
  • Audio File: These are the individual audio files that you added to BroadWave, each URL will stream that audio file once.

***We don't offer pre-sales phone support, but you can open a support ticket here: supportnch@nchsoftware.com

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