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Express Zip could not open archive


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Hi there,  Have just installed FileFort on my HP Envy laptop (win 8.1) and am testing it a bit.

I'm running: FileFort Ver 3.31

My backup defs are: Incremental, Mirror and to an external 4Terabyte drive.

I've backed up some test stuff and wanted to try to restore it.

I wanted to look at the list of files first before restore, so I went to "Browse backup with Express zip" first.

It through this error on my backed up choice:  Express Zip could not open this archive.  It may be corrupted, encrypted, or empty or in an incompatible format.

I can manually walk through the backed up tree on my external drive and see the info there.

I searched this web site and didn't find a match for this issue.  Perhaps I missed something.

Any advice.

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Why are you browsing the back up with Express Zip? I´m confused as to what you are doing, Express Zip is a program used to open files in a Zip folder or to save files in a Zip folder. Are you not able to change the default program used to open and browse the files. If I´m lost as to what I´m saying and asking please provide more details about why you are using the Express Zip to browse through your back up files?

In any case you can also consult with NCh Tech team, you can create  a support ticket form them on the link below:


Good luck!

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

I set a backup and it backed up fine.

I wanted to browse that backup so I could see how it looked to walk the backup file tree to see if it allows me to choose a specific file instead of restoring the whole tree.

So I selected the backup job I wanted, then went to 'job' from the menu bar and chose 'Browse backup with Express Zip', since I see no other way to walk the backed up file tree.

From there, it proceeded to open up the backup archive and then threw the above mentioned message from my last post.

So, I'm unable to view the backed up file tree from what I can see.

Am I missing something here.

The backup choice I have says that I should be able to walk the file tree to find specific files.



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