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I record audio radio programmes on my DVD recorder via digital TV ... then copy these to a DVD-R ... I set record to FR mode to put 3 x 1 Hr programmes per DVD.

The original file size is aprox 4GB as it includes a video screen


When I copy them across they are about 1.5 GB .... Real Player, WinDVD, Windows Media player etc all play the files with no problem.

For each programme there are 3 files


VTS_n_1.VOB ~1GB in size

VTS_n_2.VOB ~300KB in size



When I try to use SWITCH it says file format is not supported, and the web site points to the is forum for answers.

As the DVD plays OK, the audio is there and intact, I need to be able to get these into SWITCH so that I can convert to MP3 which is the goal.


Anybody know how to get this file type supported ?

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