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Hi everyone. I wonder if any of you have any idea why, after installing the latest free version I get an abnormal exception message and the programme shuts down.

I've tried re-installing but the problem still persists.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Andy56, usually when this happens is because there is a conflict between the program and a driver or another program on the computer. You may want to try first to update the audio driver on the computer and if the issue remains, it will take some research to find out which program is the one that conflicts with WavePad. On Windows, you may want to do a selective startup and check the programs one by one with WavePad to determine the source of the conflict. If you are on a Mac computer, you may need to disable the applications from the System Preferences > Users & Groups. For more details on how to proceed with either one of these options, you may want to contact either Microsoft or Apple for support.

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