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Convert DVD audio track ?

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I make regular radio recordings .. but do it via my Digital TV - the intent being to convert these to MP3 files to listen to in my MP3 player...

The DVD recorder records the programme no problem, but it also record a screen image of the programme channel & date ... resulting files are huge 4 GB for a 1Hr audio programme.


I copy these to a DVD-R using FR format (Flexible record) but limit this to just 3 programmes per disc (to avoid too much loss)


These discs play happily on my PC ... with Windows Media Player, Real Player or with WinDVD.

On the DVD for each 'programme' there are a number of file :-



VTS_n_1.VOB ~1GB in size

VTS_n_2.VOB ~300KB in size


where 'n' is the programme number.


Will SWITCH convert this format to MP3 ?

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