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I am looking for help with stem direction. I am writing Classical Guitar music and using voices for the different parts. It would be nice if I could somehow get the stems in voice 1 to point up and say Voice 2 to point down. I would even be happy to just be able to set it by note. Anyone know how to do this? 

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On 8/26/2019 at 1:28 AM, Tony DeVoe said:

Update.... I found Stems in the menu and bars above and below. Very cool! 

Could you explain exactly where you found this - I've searched the menu and can't find stems in the menu or bars above and below - maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. I need to be able to split parts for singers on the same stave.

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Hi there,

New to Crescendo and trying to get a feel for it using the free version. I wanted to ask this same question but looks like there has not been a solution. I wanted the beams where two parts / voices are on the same pitch.

Like Ms Hartley I can't find Tony DeVoe's self discovered solution 'Stems in the menu and bars above and below.'


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In that case all you need to do is right click on the note you need to change the stem on and a menu with many options will pop-up one of the options is ¨Stem¨ if you hover over it you will get the options ¨Up¨ or ¨Down¨.

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Thank you very much Fred28,

I was able to have the stems point in opposite directions automatically (or by default) using Voices. I am only interested in choral music. So I had V1 for Soprano, V2 for Alto and so forth. All was great till I got to where the different Voices progresses at different intervals. This throws the measures alignment to go into disarray.

I dont know whether this problem (non-alignment of notes) was caused when I try to insert the rests. So my question re the rests, when do you insert them, after the notes by measure, or at the end of each Voice etc?

Another question, can you detach the barlines from each stave? Also, do the double barlines affects note alignment?

I want to upload the piece I am working on so you can see exactly what I am doing wrong but cant see such an option.

Rgds, M

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