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FTP Uploaded Files arrived zero

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Good day,

I have PCs using Fling File Transfer to upload documents across the Depots. Now one of my PC just turned to upload files with 0 KB and we cannot open these files this side.

I can confirm files are not corrupted as I send them to another PC using Remote Control and that PC uploaded them well showing 3130KB. Please not that all PCs are licenced to this software. Please help, I have been through this for 3 days now.



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Hello Mncedi, 

I don't believe that a forum post is the best support channel to get assistance on this matter.  The reasons why the program is not uploading files could vary. have you checked if the computer is timing out during upload? Is the issue happening to all the files you try to upload?  Have you tried creating a new upload job from that computer to confirm if the issue happens with all the upload jobs?

For better support on this matter, you may want to contact the NCH Software support team directly.

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