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Timeline cursor outside of selected audio

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I have a problem with audio.

I want make fade out of an audio, so i select the audio, and i put a cursor on time I want to fade out from (the cursor is still inside of the audio)

Then I rightclick and select fade out, I select 'between the current position and the end', and BOOM it shows error window that the cursor is outside of selected clip!

What the frick? Please help...


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It also works OK here (v 7.25) -_-  .......

However, it would seem you may have had the cursor positioned on the preceding clip and clicked the Audio for the next clip.This will prompt the message that you see....


BUT .... you don't really need to use the cursor line....

  • Right click the Audio track that you wish to fade out and select Fade out.
  • In the dialogue box click the option At the end of the Audio Clip
  • aa.jpg
  • Enter the length required for the fade out.
  • Click OK

The audio track (and the audio clip preview) will show a blue line representing the volume and showing it decreasing to zero for the duration entered.......


You could use the cursor to determine the length of fade out required or, if you wish, just pull the blue line  keyframe marker (the little white square) in the Clip preview window right or left to alter the starting point for the fade.

However selecting To the end from current fades out for the indicated duration and then returns to normal if it hasn't reached the end.


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