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Unable to get on Webcontrol panel


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Hi :) ,

I installed Axon PBX without getting any error messages during installation. My problem is though that when I try to start configuring Axon PBX through the Web control, Mozilla Firefox opens (version 1.5.03 = latest) up a new tab just showing Axon and Help on top, with a line under it. The rest of the page remains totally empty and white. :o


Javascript is enabled standard in Firefox so the entire menu structure should show up (but it doesn't). In the settings in Axon PBX itself, I changed the Adminstrator logon and password. It still doesn't work however. I don't even get a dialog box or anything, prompting me for the new login and password. All I keep getting is that white page with Axon and Help on top. I am able to navigate through all the Help pages though, so the Axon webserver interface does work up to a point. :unsure:


I tried opening the Webcontrol panel in Internet Explorer 6 and I even uninstalled Java JRE (latest version) and installed Microsoft Virtual Machine build 3810 (last build that ever came out) and tried again. Nothing helps. Afterwards, I also learned that Java and Javascript are actually two different things, so the whole Sun Java JRE versus Microsoft VM thing and compatibility issues should be irrelevant.


I uninstalled and reinstalled Axon PBX. The problem persists. :(


I don't know what to do anymore. All I can think of is installing another web browser (Opera perhaps) and see if it works in there. :blink:


Did anyone have similar issues? Any advice is very very welcome. :lol:


I would love to be able to run a PBX in XP (as an alternative to Asterisk, as I don't have a Linux box and am unfamiliar with Linux still) and be able to use the Skype gateway with SIP. Seems like a wonderful piece of software. I just wish I could get it to work!. :P


Thanks a lot in advance people. I wish I could join your club of Axon PBX users. :D

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I have the same problem.
Somebody can help me ? 


Not Worked on: 

After click on Login, the site Doesnt Load. 


I become the Error from IE7

HTTP/1.1 302 Found
Set-Cookie: axon_sess=sbdabsszs7; path=/
Location: main
Content-Length: 0


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