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I was working on a youtube video when videopad crashed and asked me to update it. I did and everything got hosed. The aspect ratio was all squished in on itself. I tried to fix the aspect ratio but only the bottom track would actually update. Everything else would act as if nothing changed. The text i added seems to be in the right places I don't know why everything else is comepletely boned. Also bits of the video will just freeze up and inexplicably skip forward as if nothing happened. It isn't even a problem of lag the places where it freezes up will stay that way even if I try restarting the program. I've been working on this for months. What happened?

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Normally, there is backward compatibility within a series.  Yet in recent versions significant improvements have been made that change the way some features are processed.  This could explain the problem.  You have the project file, so you're safe.

To complete it, install the version used to create it. Usually the installer is saved in this path on the PC: "C:\Program Files (x86)\NCH Software\VideoPad"

Or get it here and install.   Go to OPTIONS|DISK tab and Clear Unused Cache Files. Then load the project.  If this doesn't resolve the issue, visit the forum again.


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