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I have just started with Debut. All seems OK. Straightforward to use. Nice. 🙂


There is no sound.

I am connected to a VCR/DVD player using a little 'grabber' device. The picture is fine but not a peep of audio.

I can record and play back the recording with no sound.

I have checked the cables/connections. No Go. But it seems to me that both audio channels failing simultaneously due to dodgy connections is unlikely.

And the video feed is fine....

Usually with this type of glitch it is something silly and simple, but I have tried tweaking the settings all day.

If anyone has had this happen and knows the fix, I would be enormously grateful if they could enlighten me.


I have over 1000 VHS tapes to digitize and the program looks very useful and nicely designed. 😃





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Weird thing......

I watched a Debut tutorial on You Tube. It shows instructions on how to capture from an external device. Part of it

was "If you are having problems capturing sound, select the Devices Tab in Options and make sure the Capture Audio box is ticked".

Sounds reasonable, except I don't have a Devices tab in my Options. 

The vid may feature a older version of the software(?) Mine is v5.45






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I tried a different capture device. One specifically recommended for Debut. 

Weird thing. It is not recognised as a capture device, but it does show up as a Webcam. 

Switching to the Webcam tab it works. But the recordings still have NO SOUND. 

Anyone any idea what the problem is? It's driving me nuts. 


* My PC has no webcam connected. 


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