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Hey all,

I'm very desperate for help from anyone. I've got a one off recording of a set by a certain band. I placed it into Nokia Audio Manager to then transfer to my phone, this program automatically converts the file to .lse extension which is not recognised by anything else in the world that I can find.

I'm really wanting to get it back to a useable file extension but I'm running out of ideas. Even if someone knows of Audio Burning software that supports this format so I can burn it to Audio CD then Re-download it to my machine. Cause I've got nothing else to try????

Ahhhh...just please help,

Cheers Damo :(

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well if you are desparate enough, you could download RecordPad and then record the song as it is playing back, thereby saving it as a wav file. If you can't connect your phone directly to the line in on your sound card, you may have to use a microphone to record it.



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