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After install, it downloads x265enc3.exe but just infinite, never recognizes it.


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Software says after adding file for conversion "running install on demand and goes to a loop downloading x265enc3.exe . (1 etc). I have manually installed whatever the exe file as administrator but since its not verified, am running it inside a container in antivirus as administrator. Anyhow, i go back to convert file, it says could not create output file even though I have tried 4 times. (does the same above again and again). The exe file it downloads is installed but the program doesn't recognize it or can't find it so just redownloads it over and over. version 5.18

non paid version, just trying to try it out to see if its good before buying

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Hello Anon1,

In this case, try using this older version of the program 


After you download, run the installer as admin (right-click, run as admin) and then test the program.  Also, you can try using a different video Compressor, like H264 or MPEG4 to convert the video files. This could be a workaround.

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