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Good Day,

User from Colombia so excuse my english.... a customer wants to return an item any ideas how i can remove the item from the invoice and put it back to my inventory, usually when i do my purchase order the quantity update .. same as i sale, but when a customer come to my store and wants to return the item... any idea how is the process.


Thanks in advance for all your help.

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Hello, sadly, the program does not offer an option to process refunds and return the items to their original stock.  In this case, you would need to manually do a refund and restock the items.  For details about how to use the refund option in the program, you may want to check this link http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/es/expressinvoice/win/refundslist.html

To restock the items, you may simply go to View > Items and manually update the items stock levels for the items returned.

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