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Hello to everybody,
I have a problem with "Record over video"command.

I import a video clip, unlink audio from video and delete the audio track.
Then I select the video clip and click on "Record Over Video".

In the new windows I see only a black screen instead of the video clip preview.
My video card is an ATI Radeon HD 4800 running on  Windows 7 x64
Is there a solution of this problem?
Thank you very much

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Update to the latest version and see if the problem goes away.  The Record Over Video function previews correctly here.

For licensed users upgrades are free for up to six months.  After that, VP will continue to fully function but a fee will be required in order to register the newest.  Retain your old install file.

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You don't need to unlink and delete your audio track.

You can simply mute the track (or mute the individual clip audio) and record your commentary. The recorded clip will be placed on a lower track automatically as well as in the bin and the default save folder set up under Options.


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