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Videopad video not playing continuously on exporting.

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I have made 104 video files video in the videopad its about 3 hours long. The preview in videopad is playing properly but on exporting the video in any extension (.avi,.mp4) with 720p or 480p or as a portable video the video is not playing properly. The size of the exported file comes up to 8 gb.

It takes atleast 12 hours to export. The exported video plays properly for about 30 mins and then its gets all shaky. The sound is perfect but just the video is all shaky. What am I doing wrong? I don’t get it. 

Previously I had made videopad videos of around 60 files of about 2 hours and they exported fine. And are only 1gb. 

Please help. I have tried everything but maybe I am new to this so I don’t get it.


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What Videopad version?  What are your PC's specs:  CPU, GPU, free drive space, RAM?  While exporting were all other programs closed?

The latest VP version is here.  Try it, but retain your original install file.

For licensed users upgrades are free for up to six months.  After that, VP will continue to fully function but a fee will be required in order to register the newest.

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To confirm that the recording is faulty you might test playback in another Mac application.

This project would likely be too large and time consuming to upload to a free server, where it could be accessed by others for diagnosis.

You may have export success if you split it - perhaps into four 2MB parts - exporting each as Mp4.

Then use a tool like this to combine the files.

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But is there any limit on how many video clips can be added? Or up to how many gb can be exported?

Not that's been published.  That said, hardware limitations may impact export efficiency and capability.  Video editing/rendering is resource intensive.

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Made a whole new project. 1 hour video but I don’t get it it’s still shaky. Starting 5 mins are good then it starts to shake. 

Youtube 480p with 15 frame rate. Do I change this?

Please help. I am tired now, this is the seventh time I have this video and exported it.

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I haven’t uploaded any video on youtube. And I don’t want to upload it up there. Tried 720p but still getting the slow playback. What I don’t understand is how the first five minutes are good and the entire video is so slow.

Is there any other way you could take a look at my video?

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