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Sound Won't PLay

Brian Dean

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When I am looking at the video, sound does not play.  The sound records when I record the video, but I cannot hear it when I am looking at what to record.  So, the sound is getting to the program, just not playing.  I am recording from VHS through a USB converter.  IN the audio options, Microphone and Speakers are checked.  For Mic, AV to USB and System Mixer, Microphone AV to USB is selected. For Speakers, Sound Mixer. is selected.    Any Ideas????

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No solution to offer, but I feel your pain.

I have no sound at all. The rest of the program works like a dream.


Searching this Forum and looking at tut videos on YouTube, the answer appears to be an box that needs ticking.

"In the Options -> Devices tab .........."

My problem is, I haven't got a devices tab. It goes Video-Audio-HotKeys-etc. The Devices tab should be first.


I would dearly like to know what the explanation is. 🙁



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