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Sound Device Configuration


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Please help!  I cannot play my sound files because I keep getting this error:  "Please check that your audio hardware is functioning correctly and that Options -> Playback -> "Sound Device" has been correctly configured."

My two options under that pull down menu are "default" and "Speakers (Realtek High Defi...)"."

My speakers work fine for everything else. 

What am I missing?  Thank you!!!

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Try the following: 

1. Click on the speaker icon located on the lower right corner

2. Type Sound in the Start Search box.
3. Click Sound in the search results at the top of the Start menu.
4. Click the Playback tab. Notice the check mark next to the default device. For most users, the default device is Speakers.
5. Select the sound device that you want as the default sound device, and then click Set Default.
6. Click OK to save your settings and to close the Sound dialog box.

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