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v7.21 Release Note


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Big changes on this release.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed effects not displaying on batch editor properly if hardware acceleration is on
  • Fixed some visual artifacts related to the green screen effect
  • Fix a possible crash after using the Resolve Missing Files dialog
  • Fix possible crash when dragging points on mask effect
  • Fix control panel hiding automatically on the full screen preview even when the user is trying to edit something on it
  • Fix audio scrubbing bugs
  • Fixed can rename a locked track
  • Disabled click-to-play on the preview if previewing an audio clip
  • Fixed negative duration is visible on the speed change dialog if clip is reversed
  • Fixed Pan audio effect sometimes not displayed in the list when it should be

New features:

  • New effects, radial blur and circular blur
  • Added looping mode to preview
  • Added aspect ratio changing effects (letterbox, stretch and crop)
  • Added a 'drop position' tooltip when dragging clip from bin to sequence
  • Improved auto-match logic for export
  • User can now choose which YouTube channel to upload to when exporting to YouTube

Design changes:

  • Effects such as Zoom now have better quality when you zoom in on the clip
  • Removed the concept of 'Preview Resolution'. Now we preview and cache at the size at which the docked clip preview actually appears.
  • Not longer letterboxing clips when previewing a single clip, as a result of the above changes
  • Added the concept of sequence output resolution. Match Content will get the median aspect ratio of the clips on the sequence and letterboxes all clips to that aspect ratio if necessary.
  • The above changes will improve performance (no longer caching and rendering letterbox "checkerboard" when there is no need to, no longer caching at a resolution greater than what can be displayed on the docked clip preview), and gives a better "what you see is what you get"  factor (better match between preview and export).
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Audio scrubbing was not corrected when I tried 7.21. I could still hear audio that doesn't match with the current scrubbing point.

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