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For my project I have cropped my videos (1:1) and zoomed to a 16:9 aspect ratio. This leaves a black border on the left and right sides of my videos, which is not a problem, but I am wondering if there is a way to center my videos so that the black bars on the left and right sides are identical widths. I am currently dragging the videos to center them by eye which is not accurate enough, as one side is always slightly wider than the other side.

Is it possible to center videos so the black bars are exactly the same on either side?

I am very new at using this program and any help would be appreciated!


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There isn't a "Centre Frame" option, in the Crop effect, but you can use the Position effect to place your cropped and zoomed  video exactly where you want. So reclick the large green + and add a Position effect.

The dotted image rectangle that now comes up in the Clip Preview window can be moved either by dragging. and you can adjust the effect by eye. As this is a bit hit and miss it might be better to  adjust the Horizontal (Vertical) sliders (or enter values using the up/down buttons) monitoring the number of chequered squares there are to each side (top and bottom) of the image after each adjustment. They are pretty easy to count and adjustments using the up/down buttons are quite small each time.

If all your clips have been cropped and zoomed in the same way you can save your Position effect result as an Effect Chain Template by clicking the blue cassette button along the top of the effects pane.  It will then be available to use on other videos treated in the same way in the Templates section of the Effects library.

If you have multiple clips on the timeline all requiring the same combination of effects you can, at the outset select them all (Click 1st/SHIFT/Click last.)  Use the Video Effects tab on the top toolbar. When you have obtained your centered position click the 7th button along the top of the effects window (Looks like a bit of film with a small green cross) This  will Append the effect chain to all other selected clips.



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