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In January I had a Registry problem, and had to perform a clean install of my OS, (XP2). Since then, Sonic Stage, which utilizes Sony's OMA/OMG file formats, has refused to recognize any of my recorded music files, (about 30 gigs of legally purchased and archived music). I am looking for an application that will assist me in retreiving these files. I realize that if I could burn them to disc, I would be able to transfer them as I wish, however at this juncture I can't find ANY app that can read the files, even SONY. The problem is that the files were moved to the backup disc, and Sony explains that along with the music, the track location on the hard disc is recorded, and if Sonic Stage can't verify that the file is at the same location, it won't load the file for playback, and displays a "no license provided" message. As it would take me a considerable amount of time to re-record all of these discs, I am willing to purchase any application that will assist in recovering the files that I already have. Is this a function that Switch can support?

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