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How to make slideshow fill TV screen without cutting off tops of slides


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I have been trying various options, but nothing has worked thus far.  I would like to play the video on my TV via Google Chromecast.  I would like to enlarge the pictures so they are easier to see, so I opted for "stretch."  However, it chops off the tops of all my slides.  The Letterbox and Crop and Zoom just don't quite cut it, unless I have some other settings wrong.  Can anyone help with this?  Thank you in advance!

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Unfortunately, those are the options you have to adjust the pictures,  you will need to test with different resolutions to see if one of them will give you the result you need,  If you are still not able to do this you might want to contact NCH Support to see if they have any other ideas. You can create a support ticket for them on the link below:


Good luck!

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