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Fix My SoundTap

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On this platform   (maybe) they will  come up with a solution. Saturday, I purchased SoundTap and as expected they h and " you may be using them improperly"....with no response and finally heard from a staffer that the codr was hoodad NO problem accepting my credit card..In the process, I was provided a series of codes and , as it turns out, the codes DID NOT WORK..  I sent a complain on Sunday, then Monday and on Tuesday and I STILL HAVE NO SOLUTION  and they DO NOT provide phone tech support..

Here is the plan...I paid you and you send codes that bDO NOT work, so reach out to me  via my e-mail address and fix this..YOU HAVE MY MONEY


ARe you under the Federal Trade Commission as they like to help companies  that deal in ,,,well we wont go there


YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO and you have had five days to do it

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