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What I'm looking for is, for example, the audio is at [21:16], meaning 21 minutes and 16 seconds into the audio, so I want to insert [21:16]  into the document, whatever that's called.  If I go to Notes--Insert--Time and click on that, actually nothing happens.  It does say "Ctrl-Shift-T" there, and if I do press that, it inserts what you're referring to as the system date/time.  It's actually not even inserting a time, only today's date, which isn't what I"m looking for.  I want to mark the spot in the document that I need to go back to later.

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John,  I run into this a lot as I do several different transcription jobs and some of them require timestamps.  I find if I make sure the software is opened up underneath the document I'm writing into, it will do the Cntrl T/Cntrl V to insert the timestamp.  Then it will do it consistently for the rest of that particular piece you're on.  Sometimes I attach the Word document to the recording in the software and this helps as they are joined already.  I hope this helps.

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