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Why does resize clip replay video instead of extending play time

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So, I've always had this major issue with VP. Let's say I need to insert some sound and I need to extend the video to match it. So, I find some point with still frames and I want to extend that ("play it slower") over the extra audio duration.

That is not what happens. What happens is I split the video in still frames, for a clip consisting entirely of still frames. I extend it to the desired length. It REPLAYS video that would have been in that position before the audio pushed it out. Yeah. So it literally plays the video that was there before the audio was inserted, over the duration of the inserted audio, and video then REPEATS when the extended clip ends and the original video resumes. No idea why and it's super aggravating.

I've looked for settings, some kind of secret knowledge so I know why this happens and how to make it not happen. No idea. Help!

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Not sure EXACTLY what you you looking for......

However to insert some audio....

  • With your project on the timeline place the red cursor where you want to insert your extra audio. No need to split anything.
  • Select the audio clip in the audio clip bin with a right click. This opens a menu of options.
  • Choose the option Place on Sequence at Cursor. This will insert the audio into the timeline audio track creating a gap in the Video track.
  • As the cursor line will stay at the start (left end) of this gap you can simply place an short image/still clip at the cursor in the same way as you did for the audio clip.
  • You  can now extend this  by placing the cursor at the right hand end of the image clip and pulling it to the right. This will fill the space created by the sound clip insertion.

Probably better is...Instead of inserting your still clips at the cursor you can simply drag  and drop then onto Video Track 2 and then move them over the gap created in Video Track 1 Now extend them as above  so that they overlap the gap below . They will then play as an overlay. The audio track will play up to the join then continue onto the inserted section and then continue with the audio of the original clip.

Is that how you want it to work?



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  • 6 months later...

To extend an image, drag its right handle to the right.

An audio clip, such as a music track, cannot be extended.  Add a new clip at the end with the white noise.

A video clip cannot be extended.  Grab a screenshot of the last frame (right-click in the preview window) and insert it as a still at the end.  The still can be extended.

That said, if a video or audio clip isn't used in full to its end on the sequence then it can be extended by dragging the clip's right handle, to reveal more content.

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Just to reinforce Borate's post above.... Any CLIP that you have not already shortened cannot be made longer except by altering its speed. If it has been shortened then it can be re-extended by dragging out the end of the clip to the limit of its original length.

IMAGES, on the other hand have no fixed duration and will appear on the timeline with the default duration set up in Options. This means that they can be manually extended to virtually any length by simply dragging the ends out on the timeline, or changing the duration shown in Storyboard mode, or changing the duration from the right clip menu when on the timeline. Obviously this is the easiest way to go if you have added in some audio and you want the timeline to match the new audio length.....Deal with still images.


Original timeline with clips and images. The images don't have audio under them in this example, but the principal remains the same if there was a separate unlinked audio track...


Some new audio is now dropped in under the images. (but it could be inserted anywhere.)...Depending on exactly where you add it, it will push the timeline to the right..In the example below it was dropped at the start of the first image...at the cursor..... The timeline from this point has been pushed to the right.....


Note that LINKED audio on the right remains linked and will just be pushed along, along with the associated clips.. Using the white handle on the image, The left hand end of the image can now be dragged to the left to fill up the space created when the audio was added...


Indeed, the two image clips in this example  can be adjusted individually to completely fill up any gaps created so as to leave a complete (but extended) audio track...


Does this help at all??




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I see how it works, (although I don't see why you would want to duplicate your clip by copying a segment of it and extending it).

What I wish would happen is that when you extend a clip, you lower its speed. Well obviously as borate implies, there's no more footage, hence extending it means slowing it down such that it fills the size you extended it to. Because I can slow a clip down to a speed percentage, but I can't (other than really tedious number checking) resize a slowed down clip to fit a gap.

I don't mind still images but I have had issues with them in the past, particularly edited outside (in gimp) causing flickering or sound popping at the start or end of those segments. Also reduced quality. I mean, if ever there was a reason to avoid stills...

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Agreed, it would be handy to have a 'fill to gap' feature.  Suggest it.  Click the chevron at the top-right of the Videopad window and click on the feedback item.

In lieu of that, go to Storyboard mode and note the length of the clip to be extended and the length of the gap.  Total them in Windows calculator and press <ctrl-C> to copy.

Right-click on the clip and CHANGE CLIP SPEED.  Click the duration box and use <ctrl-V> to paste in the totaled number.  Click SET.

Verify that the duration now matches that number.  If it's slightly off, adjust the last two numbers in speed box until the duration is precise.

Click SET and the gap will be filled.

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