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Large Shadows Over Image After SVG to PNG Conversion

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I recently downloaded a trial of Pixillion Image Converter to evaluate for a mass conversion of SVG files to PNG format for a new e-commerce site.  For some test conversions, the resulting PNG file shows a large black shadow box over some parts of the images.  Here's a link to an example I uploaded to Dropbox:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/1itg96o3ow8lky7/35713--CE DECAL KIT PG2.png?dl=0

I tried changing various settings to see if I could eliminate those shadows, but didn't have any success.  I have over 5000 files to convert, so even 10% of the files having this issue would be a real problem.  Could anyone suggest why this would be happening?


Thanks in advance,


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Hello nbray01, I have tested this program using a sample svg file and was not able to replicate the issue you are reporting. In this case, you may want to contact NCH Software support team for further assistance on this matter.

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I'm talking to Pixillion Support now, but I also noticed something strange.  I opened the original SVG in Pixillion, and noticed that it had the boxes as well.  However, when I open the SVG file in a web browser, the image appears fine.  What could be the cause of that?

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