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v7.11 video & audio out of sync

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I drag & drop a M4V video file into VP 7.11's "Video File" tab.

Without doing anything else, I click play. The file is about 30 minutes long, and as I get toward the end, the video and audio gradually go out of sync. At the end, the video is roughly 2 seconds behind the audio.

When played in other apps, video and audio are in sync.

(I ran into this on v5.20, so just now I upgraded to 7.11. Same problem.)

Please help!

Thank you!!! ..Bill..

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Hi Borate,  I am having the same problem.  I'm using windows 10 and the 7.11 VPE.  One additional caveat I've slowed down the speed to 90% due to the speakers rapid tempo.  Please advise.  Here is the cloud link   https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgTRfeoPbjh6gYVZznOQwWvwYVik9g?e=5mFEAm

Peter D



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